Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More Quilts to Share

I have a few more photos of quilts from the International Quilt Show in Chicago.  Always a fun day looking at quilts.

 Lovely threadworm on this one.

 This one is really special.  The applique is lovely and each block and border is bound separately.
 See the blue and white striped binding.  Each block is joined by yo-yos as sashing.  How clever.  There is no fabric behind the yo-yos.  It is amazing that it hangs so perfectly.

 This one is so funny!

 More beautiful appliqué and quilting.
 Clever approach to a group quilt.

 More beautiful appliqué and lovely green and pink colors.

Hope you enjoyed visiting the quilt show with me!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Designing Monday

My camera battery was dead this morning and now on the charger, so no photos of my design wall.  However, not much has changed since last week.

This past Friday I took the bus to Chicago for the International Quilt Show.  I took a few photos to share.  Hope you enjoy them.  The bus left an hour late because 3 of the passengers went to the wrong pick up location so the driver made a circuit of town hitting 3 different places looking for them.  None of them had cell phones!!  Finally found 2 of the 3 and off we went.  The Chicago show is no longer a judged show so there was no prize money or ribbons.   I still think any day spent looking at quilts to be a great day.  Just a shame there were no quilts that made me say, WOW!

The first quilts as you walk in were Red & White like the quilts that were displayed in NYC a couple of years ago.  These were hung in a large square from the ceiling.  There were very bright lights hung from the ceiling as well so it was a bit difficult to photograph, but hopefully you get the idea.  There were some R&W ones also mounted on the  poles like all the other quilts and there was a display of miniature R&W quilts too.  I am not sure if any of these quilts were actually on display in NYC or if this was a whole different bunch, but some were new and some very old.

R&W Dear Jane

 There were 4 or 5 of these circular patterned quilts.

There were 40 - 50 minis made by 2 sisters and a friend.
I love these tiny hexagons.

Karey Bresenham has compiled a book of 500 Traditional Quilts and there were quite of few of them on display.  One of them was made by a lady from our quilt guild, so that was an unexpected and exciting surprise.  Photos were not allowed of those quilts.

I took a few pictures of some of the quilts that I like best.  (These were part of other displays that we were allowed to photograph.)

 This is a close up of machine embroidery in white thread on a circle about 5 inches.
 Here is the same circle with successively smaller circles in the corner of a quilt.  Incredible thread work.
 Here is a shot of the whole quilt and you can see the circles in each corner.  There is machine embroidery all over this quilt.  Really fabulous!
 Here is one of the diamonds around the perimeter of the circle.  Each diamond was different.
 Some lovely appliquéd flowers
I heart irises.

More photos in another post.  Be sure to stop by Judy's blog to see some beautiful designs.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Designing Monday

It has been so long since I have blogged that I have almost forgotten how.  Not much has changed on my design wall.  I am hoping to have this top completely sewn together in the next couple of weeks.  I know some people who really hate to apply their bindings and others who fall down when it comes to the quilting.  This is the point in my work when I am challenged the most, I think.  I really hate sewing these really long seams and getting all the blocks to line up and not have wavy borders.  Something always comes back to bite me at this point.   So I tend to drag my feet.  But it will get done!!!!!!

I am currently making some banners for Good Friday and Easter.  I am layering different shades of purple that are different widths and lengths.  Another person is making a 6" wide strip of white with lettering that will go down the middle.  This will really be beautiful.  I am making two of these.

I have been vacationing in the South trying to get warm.  We were gone 2 1/2 weeks and unfortunately the cold weather followed us down.  We were there when the South was blanketed with snow.  We did enjoy seeing lots of beautiful places and visiting friends and family.  I also got to visit Quilting by the Bay in Panama City.  It was definitely worth the stop as they have so many gorgeous batiks.  Not so much in the way of Civil War Reproductions.

Here's hoping you have a designing day.  Stop by Judy's blog  to see more beautiful designs.