Monday, August 3, 2015

Designing Monday

My design wall is filling up with little trees.  I am having fun making these even though I am still having to do some rework along the way.  They are such happy little trees.  I am up to 19 finished trees so far.  I only need 6 more.

I signed up for the Americana QAL from Deana at Dreamworthy Quilts.  It is posted on the Daughters of Dorinda website.  Here are the first two blocks I made.  I also made a couple of extra flags and hearts.  It is a row quilt.  I don't have a large patriotic quilt, so this will be fun to work on for next summer.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Designing Monday on Tuesday

Seems I am in short supply on either time or energy right now.  I'm working on our church's photo directory.  I am coordinating all the volunteers, doing all the scheduling, and doing all the phone calling.  It is a lot of work.  Hopefully the end product will make it all worth it.

I have been making a little forest.  If you are a Bonnie Hunter fan, you will recognize her Crabapples quilt blocks.  There are whole lot of 1 1/2" squares in this quilt.  I am spending a lot of time doing rework as I am finding if I didn't sew perfectly or cut or press or trim perfectly, the blocks aren't coming out right.  So this is whole lot fussier than I had imagined it would be.  But I still love the overall look and I can't wait to see my little forest grow.

Here's the link to Judy's design wall.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Designing Monday

Mondays seem to come around so fast and this is one of those weeks when I could have used a few more days.  I did manage to get this table runner bound.  Yea!  This is Rhubarb Crisp, a design by Jo Morton.  I still have out my patriotic quilts, so this will be put away for a few weeks until its turn comes  round.

Here is my patriotic table runner.  I had so much fun making this one.  I used hexagons, but I sewed two strips of fabric together and fussy cut the hexagons to capture the flags or other designs.

I received this wonderful gift a few days ago from one of my favorite bloggers.  She is so generous with her ideas and tips and also with her jam.  Thank you again.

So have a fabulous week and hop on over to Judy's blog to see more fun designs.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Designing Monday

I graduated from my Long Arm Quilting class this week and feel like I can tackle loading the quilt and some very easy quilting designs.  We only touched on using pantographs as that is taught in the second part of this class -- someday in the future.

I got half way thru this quilt last week after many thread breaks and two broken needles.

 The teacher had me take it off and committed to having me finish it this week.  So this week was a little different loading a quilt that was half quilted, but we did it and off I went.  Only my first stitch out, the thread broke.  And then it broke again and then the bobbin thread broke and then I had a bunch of skipped stitches.

 The teacher finally decided that the needle was at fault and it did have a burr on the tip when we removed it.  The needles we tried didn't improved the situation.  So then she sent me off to her quilt shop across town to pick up more needles that were a different brand.  This was a good thing as I was getting frustrated and needed a break.  The new needle helped tremendously and I was able to finish with almost no problems, except a few skipped stitches.  I was just glad to stop.  This quilt pattern is a modified Fons & Porter design.

My classmates also finished their projects.  Sue was quilting two pillow shams to go with a king sized quilt top she calls the Monster.  It is made of drapery or upholstery type fabrics that are very heavy.

Joyce made another practice quilt with some Packers fabric and a batik on top.  It was Joyce's birthday so we had to have some carrot cupcakes to celebrate!

Here is Jana, the teacher. She fell last week and injured both her wrists, so now she has splints on both of them.  Her customers had to cut their own fabric at her shop for a few days.  Hope she is feeling better by now.

I have started paper piecing these little trees.  So perfect for the Emerald Woods.  This is Bonnie Hunter's Crabapples pattern.  I have been wanting to make this quilt for a long time and finally it has come to the top of my list.  I have about half of the paper piecing done and I think there are 882  squares that are 1-1/2".  That should keep me out of trouble for awhile.

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Friday, June 26, 2015


My husband and I like to geocache on nice days and when we travel.  We aren't hard core.  It's just a fun pastime to get us out of the house once in awhile to enjoy some fresh air.  I especially like caching when we are in the woods or visiting some new area of the country.  I am particularly amazed at how many places we have visited in our own county that we never knew existed.

Yesterday we went on a new caching adventure called WhereIGo?  This is a little like a scavenger hunt using our iPad.  WhereIGo is an app that sends you to different locations where you collect digital items and at the end of the hunt you are given coordinates for a cache.  Our adventure yesterday took us to Bay Beach, an amusement park in Green Bay.  We used to go to Bay Beach with our kids for picnics and to ride the rides frequently.  Since our kids have grown, this was my first trip back in probably 8 - 10 years.  I thought I would show you a few photos of the park as it has a special down home feel to it. No long lines, no wrist bands, no fingerprint ID.  Just buy some tickets and have some fun.

When you first enter the park you see this beautiful building called the pavilion.  The park started back in the 1890's and my guess is this building was built shortly after.  I know that Franklin Roosevelt made a speech on the front steps in 1934.
 The left wing of the building was used for bumper cars when I first moved here in the 70's, but they now have their own little house.  The pavilion is also used for dances and bingo and other fun activities.

We started our geocache fun on the front steps of the pavilion.  It took us all over the park collecting virtual items.  This park is pretty retro and the rides have been purchased over the years from other parks that are closing down, so there really aren't any new ones.  I love all the kiddy rides...

I remember my kids riding these little boats and one of them missed the edge of the pool when stepping out and got soaked.

The park has had a train for many years and this beautiful depot building was added a few years ago.  
These train cars were donated this past year by a man in Milwaukee who had them stored in a warehouse.  He had never been to Bay Beach, but loved the idea of the park and was happy to give these cars a new home.  They look brand new.
There is a slide.  I love this thing.
It takes one ticket to ride the slide.
There are picnic grounds and at least a half dozen shelters.  
The park is located right on the bay of Green Bay and you can seen water forever.  There used to be bathhouses here for swimming, but that all closed when the water became too polluted.
This Zippin Pippin was added 5 years ago. What is it?
A huge wooden roller coaster.
It is the crowning glory of the park.  Why you might ask?

Because Elvis rode this roller coaster in Memphis.  It was moved to Green Bay and rebuilt. Can you read the sign?  Elvis made his last public appearance when he rode it and died a few days later.  It takes 4 tickets to ride the Zippin Pippin.

The most amazing part about Bay Beach???
Yep!  The tickets are only a quarter.  When I moved here in the 70's the tickets were only a dime.  The price was raised about 10- 15 years ago to a quarter.  It is the greatest deal in the universe.

So next time you come to Wisconsin.  Look us up.  This is a great way to spend the day.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Designing Monday

The fifth session of my long arm class has come and gone along with most of my patience and a little of my good nature.  We had two machines going this week and I got one that has been out of commission and is still not right.  The bobbin thread broke a couple of times.  The main thread broke several times.  And I broke two needles.  I managed to get half of my quilt done and the teacher asked me to stop.  She was frustrated too.  She has been after the school to get the machines fixed for several weeks to no avail.

So this week I am first up on the one good machine left out of three and I will finish my quilt.  It is a donation quilt for a returning soldier.  I tried loop-de-loops and stars this time.

 I am pretty darn good at those loop-de-loops.  My stars were good as long as I kept them in the same orientation, like if I were drawing them with a pencil.  But I had a couple of bloopers when I tried to change direction with them.

Rhubarb is in full swing here and I made a rhubarb coffee cake with lots of cinnamon and brown sugar on top.  I wish I had put some cinnamon in the cake and it would be even better.

Peonies are also running amok.  This is my second bouquet and they are still blooming in abundance.

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Monday, June 15, 2015

Designing Monday

Did I tell you that I am taking a beginner long arm class?  We are so fortunate here that the local technical college has decided to invest in artists and craftspeople by offering classes in sewing, quilting, jewelry making, ceramics, and woodturning.  Each craft has a room for their equipment and materials and dedicated teachers and technicians.  You first must complete a course for certification and then can use the equipment during open studio time for a fee.  All very reasonable.  The point is to introduce people to new crafts or trades and provide business info as well in the event you want to take it to the next level and earn a living from that craft.

Anyway, here is the outside of the building. Looks like a weaving or quilt that is painted on.  It is an unassuming building that was once office or factory space.

Here is the front.  It's called the Artisan Center.

 Across the street is the Art Garage.  That's a whole other blog post.

So I am in week 5 of my 6 week class.  There are only 3 students plus the teacher.  She is a great teacher and I have learned a great deal.  In weeks 1-3 we learned how to mount quilts to the long arm frame and practiced stitching on small muslin pieces which then get donated to the local animal shelter for bedding.  In week 4 we had to mount the quilts with minimal help from the teacher and then we each got to quilt our own quilts.

Here is Sue working on her quilt as a gift for a new baby.  So bright and colorful.

Joyce is giving her advice.

I brought this little owl quilt which is a donation quilt for the guild and it will go to a pediatrics ward.

My first quilt on the long arm.

I found this clip art online and then made a machine appliqué.

Here is a close up of the quilting.  Lots of loop-de-loops and hearts.

So now I have to prepare another quilt for this week.  Since I have a closetful of unquilted tops, this should not be a problem.  LOL!

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