Sunday, July 20, 2014

Little Treasures

A cry for help went out from a good friend this week looking for someone to work at their rummage sale.  I gladly joined in the fun and of course, found several treasures I could not live without.  I love canning jars and they had a few left so I snapped them up.  I have quite a few blue Ball jars already, but I always get more when I can get them at a good price.  They just seem to call out my name.  I used to work at a plastics factory when I was in college during summer breaks.  The factory was bought by Ball so I feel like a kindred spirit to these little blue jars.

I don't have any of these clear ones with the diamond or rectangle pattern on the side.  I don't know if they are old, but they are cute.

Included was a small box of porcelain lined lids.  Some were the old galvanized Ball lids and some were brand new aluminum Presto lids.

Here is the box that the lids came in originally.  I am not familiar with Presto.  I have lots of Ball and Mason Jars in my stash of stuff, but not Presto.

Can you see on the box it says Approved by Household Searchlight and Delineator Institute?  I have never heard of either of these.  Guess I will have to dig a little more to find out about them.  Thank goodness for the Internet and Wikipedia.  LOL

The best surprise was this glass Presto lid.  I don't think I had ever seen one before.  It was put on the jar with a regular jar ring, but it doesn't fit exactly right.  I looked them up on line and Presto has a special top that is designed for the glass lids.  I'll have to watch for one of those now.

My other little treasure is this brown graniteware pitcher.  I don't think it is necessarily old, but it may be.  My friend and her husband were having the rummage sale for his father who has moved into an apartment.  They didn't know the history behind many of the things they were selling and sadly the dad's memory is not what it once was.

Hope you enjoyed a little show and not much tell!  

Monday, July 7, 2014

Designing Monday

I finally got busy and made some progress around here.  I finished piecing the Cheddar and Blue quilt that I started about a month ago.  I really like how it turned out and am glad I kept it to a 5x5 size.  I think it is about 65 in. square.

The Threads of Memory Quilt from Barbara Brackman has been calling me to get another block done, so I finished the block for May.  It had paper piecing and set in seams.  I usually like to paper piece, but it almost got the best of me.  It didn't help that I cut my fabric backwards and ended up making the center of the block backwards.  The set in seams were a breeze in comparison.

I visited a couple of local quilt shops this week to pick up patterns for the Row by Row Experience.  I think that's what it is called.  The patterns are designed by the quilt shops and not at all what I expected.  I'll have to decide if I have time to fit this in.  Anybody else participating in your area??

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Designing Monday

I spent the week visiting Arizona, so not much sewing going on.  I did take some handwork and got a bunch of hexagons basted.  I use freezer paper templates and baste thru the corners so this went pretty fast.  I have a few hexagon flowers sewn together.

I remade 5 blocks from the quilt on my design wall - cheddar and blue quilt from Quilt Sampler magazine.  I think 5x5 is as big as I am going to make it.  I am piecing the border next.

Have a wonderful week and hop on over to Judy's blog to see lots more beautiful designs in progress.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Holiday Sewing

I made two banners for the church pulpit and lectern yesterday.  These were pretty quick which is my favorite kind of project.  We decided to do some minimal decoration for the upcoming July 4 holiday so the banners and a little RWB swag on the altar will be about it.  We do have flags that sit outside the main sanctuary and will likely bring those in also.  Simple yet tasteful is our guideline.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Designing Monday

I finished all of my Block 2's for this blue and cheddar quilt.  I had all the Block 1's done as well but decided to remake the ones that had floral background in the neutral pieces.  They just didn't look right to me.  So out they came and I will give them an extreme makeover this week.  Then it is on to the border which is more of the same.  Here is what my design wall looks like today.

Here's hoping your quilting is more forward than backward.

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Friday, June 6, 2014

New Growth

I went out to the backyard today to look at our plants and found lots and lots of teeny, tiny grapes on our arbor.  We have one plant for green grapes and one for purple.  Last year there was very little growth on the purple plant, but it had lots of grapes.  The green plant grew very tall and had lots of vines shooting off the main stem and only two or three grapes.  So far this year the green plant has grown even taller over the top of the arbor and there are gobs of tiny grapes.  The purple plant is very stunted and has only a few grapes.  Can't wait to see what happens.  Here are photos of the green grapes today.  They are like microscopic tiny.

I'm making progress on my blue and cheddar quilt.  I have several of the Block 2's done and trying to decide whether to remake some of the block 1's.  I used two different neutral fabrics for Block 1 and now I am thinking the one with flowers is not very attractive.  Which of these things is not like the others?  Still thinking.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Designing Monday

I have really been sewing up a storm in the Emerald Woods.  Quilt Sampler magazine featured a Cheddar and Blue quilt that caught my eye and I got busy pulling out all my blues and got to work.  There are only two blocks in the quilt.
Block 1
Block 2
Ruh-Roh!  It seems that cheddar square wandered away from it's designated position.  I can't imagine how that happened!!!!!!

My sewing table went from chaos to more order as the pieces got sewn together.

Today I am back to chaos as I start sewing all the block 2's.

Here is my design wall today. It appears I have entered my blue phase.  The 4 squares in the top right are for the Threads of Memory BOM.  #5 is a real doozy.

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