Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quilt Expo 3

More quilts to share.

 Summer's Bounty by Nancy Whitton
 Flamboyant Fascination by Linda Neri
 Little Red Schoolhouse by Caryl Brix
 Battle of Greasy Grass - The faces appear to be photocopied onto fabric and then thread painted or quilted .  The map around the people is quilted onto the background.  The larger words are machine embroidered.  The smaller words which are place names on the map are written in by hand.  Lots of beading and embellishment as well.  
 Roses for Katrina by Gail H. Smith
 Closeup of quilting and border 
 Piecemakers' 2003 Times and Seasons

The next few are called Winding River by the Rambling River Project.  There were a total of 17 panels, I think, made by 17 different people.  Each depicted a portion of a river and they were hung at different heights so that the river flowed from one panel to the next.  Very clever idea.

The next ones were made by several people and called the Whimsical Cow Stampede.  The makers all used the same cow block from a book called Out of the Box with Easy Blocks.  These are just a sampling of about 30 quilts.

 And the Cow Said Boo
 Cowmen Miranda
 Happy Moo Year
 Vino Cow  - the udder has corks for teats
 Moolah -- A Cash Cow
 The Three Cowballeros
Moooy Cowliente

Monday, September 8, 2014

Quilt Expo 2

Nothing new on my design wall today.  I am quilting a gift, so I will share more quilts from Quilt Expo.

 Summer Romance by Shirley Alexander
 Tiger Lily by Caryl Brix
 Aunt Mimi's Flower Garden II by Elsie Campbell
 Sedona Star by Sharon Christensen
 Acanthus with a Twist by Mary Olson

 Field of Poppies by Betty Richards
 A Pink Rose Garden for Zoe by Carol Schwankl
 Points of Interest by Mildred Sorrells

 Grape Arbor by Peggy Garwood
Mon Petit Baltimore by Susie Wimer
This was indeed a small quilt and the maker designed all the blocks to fit the smaller size.

Still more to come.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Livin' Large

We had a great day at Quilt Expo on Thursday.  I went with 3 friends and the talk was non-stop for the whole day 7:30 am - 9:00 pm.  How can we have so much to say?  The best part was that it was my birthday.  What could be better than friends, a road trip and quilts to look at all day long?

This is not my car.  It was parked by the entrance to the quilt show.

Here is a sampling of some of the gorgeous work we saw.  I tend to love appliqué, so my photos are definitely slanted in that direction.  Enjoy.

 Days of Wine and Roses by Cathleen Miller
 Close up of quilting and embroidery around each grape
 Tulip Serenade by Barbara Clem
 Cotton Candy by Linda Bergmann
 Ladies of the Sea by Carolyn Stone
 Stars All Around by Jean Hensen

Infinite Variety Revisited by Gail H. Smith


Harry Potter's Bookcase by Jennifer Rose

Stay tuned for more soon

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Another Block on the Wall

When my son played soccer in high school, the players made mix tapes and gave them to the people working in the announcer's booth and they played the music over the PA system while the boys warmed up.  One of the favorites was always Another Brick in the Wall.  When I took a photo of my blocks to post today, that song popped in my head.  Seems like the sew alongs I'm doing are just that Another Block on the Wall.  I am getting anxious to get them set together and see some finished progress.

Here is the latest block for the Friends & Companions Sew Along that was published last Friday.  This is 4 baskets turned to the center.  I like this block a lot.

Here are all my blocks together.  The blocks come out once a week and that moves them along.  The blocks are pretty and go together pretty quickly.

Wow!  That light blue really stands out, doesn't it?  I guess I will have to use a little more in another block to spread out the impact.

Less than 24 hours until I go to Quilt Expo in Madison.  Gas tank is full, water is chilling in the fridge, camera battery is charging.  I'm almost ready.  Stay tuned for some great photos.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Designing Monday

This is my only sewing for the week.  This is the newest Threads of Memory block from Barbara Brackman.  I seem to have problems with the directions on some of these blocks and the templates don't always work for me.  I can't get them to print at the right size, etc.  So I drafted the block so I could paper piece and that worked well.

Here are all my Threads of Memory Blocks together.  I started out thinking I would make them all in blue and cheddar and then added some yellow and pretty soon the red slipped in there too.  I think it is more interesting with the added color.

Thursday is a big day.  Quilt Expo is coming to Madison again.  This is Nancy Zieman's show which is a benefit for Wisconsin Public Television.  So I get to share a day with my friends, support a worthwhile cause, and look at fabulous quilts all day long!  It doesn't get any better than that.

Hope you are having a fun holiday!  It is raining here so we are indoors!!!

Hop over to Judy's for some more design happiness.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Designing Monday

I have managed to get some sewing done in the last couple of weeks.  First of all I have finished two quilt tops that I started a long time ago.  I won a little bag of Thangles patterns and fabric kits (20 blocks total) in a Chinese Auction at a guild meeting in 2012.  I made the 20 blocks over the next couple of months and then decided to make 4 more using the scraps and added some background fabric from stash.  I drew up a simple layout that fit the requirements from our guild for soldier quilts.  Then I put it all away.  Somewhere along the line I bought some gold fabric for sashing and later some patterned fabric for borders and backing.

I pulled it all out again a few weeks ago and bought some more backing fabric at the Primitive Gatherings warehouse sale and then got busy and sewed the tops together.  It took a lot of figuring with my calculator to get everything to work out.  Plus a few extra seams in the sashing.  Anyway I now have two finished tops and soon two finished backings to go with.  These will be turned in next month to the guild for soldier quilts.  Nothing fancy, but still a nice gift, I hope.

I am doing the Companions & Friends Sew Along and got two blocks done this week.  The last block was measured in 1/8's and 1/16's.  Yikes.  Measuring was not hard, but squaring up blocks with no 1/32" marks on the ruler was a bit frustrating.  And besides who can see that well anyway?

I saw a house in the want ads last Sunday that was reduced to $1.9MM and has 26,000 sq. ft.  I had to  do a drive by to see this and took a photo to share.  It is now in foreclosure and unfinished on the inside.  If you decide to buy it, invite me over so I can see the inside.  Okay?

Enjoy some great designs over at Judy's blog.