Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A Little Sewing

I have not been doing much sewing over the summer months and into the fall.  I seem to have lost interest for some unknown reason.  Do I have too many quilts languishing in the closet?  Too many scraps to cull through to find something I really want to work with?  Lots of patterns waiting to be made, but not the right one?  I can't really say why I have put down my needle and thread.

I recently went to Quilt Camp which is our guild's name for its retreat.  Quilt Camp is held 2X per year at a resort in a little town about 20 - 25 miles from my house.  It is really a golf resort, but this time of year in Wisconsin, there's not much golf happening.  So the quilters take over.  I was a little leery of going since I really had no projects to work on, but I signed up in April for this event and I wasn't going to miss it.  Everyone can work on their own quilts or work on quilts that the guild is donating.  This time we were working on Service Quilts which are gifted to returning soldiers.

So I dug thru my RWB strips and came ready to sew.  We made lots of 10 1/2" blocks to put into quilts like these.

I also put together this little quilt to donate to the pediatrics ward.


I also put together 5" squares to make a quilt for our local homeless shelter.  

I worked on some other pieces and parts of quilts that I hope to finish in the future.  It was a fun weekend with my friend Vicky.  We even had time to visit the local quilt store which gave us 20% off on our purchases.  I was on the hunt for 30's repro fabrics to make a Lori Holt quilt.  I am accumulating quite a variety.  The good news is I won a $20 gift certificate to the local store which I was able to use right away.  Yea!!

Since I returned from the retreat, I have been busy sewing away to finish the work I started while at camp.  Having a goal has really gotten me going.