Friday, May 12, 2017

Patterns Galore

Our quilt guild met this week and had a nice speaker named Mickey Mowery from southern Wisconsin.  Her pattern line and quilt shop are called Sew Many Pieces.  What a perfect name!  She brought lots of quilts to share from her earliest work to her most current.  Each quilt was constructed with smaller and smaller pieces.  She went from quilts with 2000 pieces to quilts with 8000 pieces.  She is currently working on a pineapple quilt that she hopes to land in the Guiness World Record Book for most pieces.

I bought two of her patterns.  The first is called X's and O's.  The pieces are cut 1" and sewn into  blocks of 81 pieces.  It does kind of look like a checkerboard.

The other pattern is the pineapple block she is using for her world record quilt.  The blocks finish at 2 inches and have 45 pieces per block.  I don't plan to challenge her record breaking quilt, but thought I would see if I could actually piece a block that small.  Mickey's plan is to make a king size quilt of these little 2" blocks!  Yikes!

My favorite quilt shop here in town closed recently and the owner sent a basket of patterns to our meeting that she is closing out at $1.00 each.  I really didn't need any more patterns, but these were so cute I could not pass them up.  One is needle punch.

One is two cute table runners from Buttermilk Basin.

The other two are Lori Smith patterns.  I just love her work.

I also finished the next step in the Sentimental Quilter Mystery Quilt.  Shoo Fly blocks.

Have a fun Mother's Day.  I will be enjoying my traveling daughter for a few more days.