Thursday, January 31, 2013

Packing Up

I am heading off tomorrow for a nice weekend at quilt camp.  Looking forward to 2+ days of sewing.  I'm planning to work on the Scrap Basket blocks from Lisa Bonjean.  I've packed a few other small things to work on if I get those done.

We had a record snowfall yesterday for that date .. 8" I think.  Here is the view out my front window.  Now it is way cold.

I added a scrappy border to the applique block I finished last weekend.  I think this is about the perfect size (18" sq.), so I will quilt it soon and call it done.

Have a fun and warm weekend.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Designing Monday

Lots of little things are happening here.  What it is ain't exactly clear.  Or whatever the words are to that song.  Now that song is stuck in my head and it won't come out.

I have been making lots of individual blocks that aren't adding up to much, but I am having fun.  I have finished 4 of the Scrap Basket blocks from Lisa Bonjean's blog.  Here are #2 and #3.  I finished #4 last night, but haven't taken a photo yet.

I finished this practice block from Erin Russek, which was part of a quilt along for fall.  I did pretty well on the little round berries.

I also finished the top for the Humble Quilts doll quilt.  Also fun.

My husband is gone to Florida for a few days with the guys, so I have lots of sewing time.  I found a video of season 1 of Downton Abbey at the library, so I had a movie marathon this weekend.  Are you hooked on that show like I am?  I love, love, love it.  Maggie Smith is so darn funny.

Hop on over to see Judy  and all the beautiful designs taking place in the world of quilts.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Designing Monday

Well, my son went back to school yesterday to finish his senior year.  I was sad and weepy all afternoon, but I threw myself into cleaning the bathroom and washing the linens to keep myself occupied.  His plan right now is to travel over spring break and then stay at school until time to move to his new job.  Yes, that's the exciting news.  He has a job already lined up, so he doesn't have to focus on or worry about that.  But that means he won't be coming back home for a long time.  Maybe not til next Christmas, if then.  Just writing that is making me sad all over again.

So we better talk about quilting.  I did not accomplish much since Christmas, but have been working on a few things.  I really enjoy Erin Russek's blog, One Piece at a Time.  Here is an applique piece that she designed for the Glorious Autumn Block Party.  I am using it as a practice piece since I have not done much appliqué lately.  I really like the new Jingle pattern she has designed and she is starting a BOM very soon, so I hope to be ready to participate.  Love her designs.

Have you been following Lisa Bonjean's Scrap Basket quilt along?  It started back in 2010 and she has published 12 blocks so far.  How easy is that?  Lots of time to get those done.  I printed them out last week and made the first one over the weekend.
If you go to her website, the links to the individual patterns are in the right sidebar.

I also got the center of this batik quilt sewn together.  The blocks were already finished, so it was just a matter of sitting down and sewing!  Why do I get behind at this point?  I have the borders designed in my head and kind of on paper.  So now I need to get to the fabric store and buy more fabric.  Yea!

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