Monday, October 28, 2013

Designing Monday

This is all I have to show for the week.  I did this on Wednesday and Sunday night.  Wednesday was my Fiber Friends get together for the month and Sunday night was the Packer game.

I am involved in an endless painting project at my church.  I dragged my husband into help, so hopefully it will be done this week.  So no sewing this week.

Have a great week and hop over to Judy's blog to see some lovely designs.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Designing Monday

My post looks nearly the same as last week.  I finished one of the two leaf projects I started last weekend and mailed it off to a friend for her birthday.  Then I realized I forgot to take a photo of it to post here.  I guess you will just have to imagine how cute it was!

Here is the second project.  I got it quilted and prepared the binding and then decided it needed some more quilting.  Finally I am ready to put on the binding which should happen today.  I seem to need to do a lot of percolating in my brain in between steps.  I sort of dither over the right fabric for the border or the binding or the right quilt pattern, etc.  Am I the only one?

Our fall leaves are falling from the trees pretty quickly here.  There are still a few on the ash trees behind our house.  The maples in front are always the last to go and they haven't even changed color yet.

I don't think I ever posted this finished little quilt. It is my last orange and black quilt.   I decided to free hand quilt some little pumpkins along the border.  They turned out fine and really finished it off well.  I got this cute hanger at the Quilt Expo in Madison.  This is a 12" quilt.

Hope your fall is beautiful wherever you are.  Hop over to Judy's blog to see some beautiful designs.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Designing Monday

I guess it is a good thing that Judy holds these Monday get togethers or I would probably forget to blog at all.  I am working on fall leaves for the Small Quilt group on Sentimental Quilter's blog.  Kathy provided the free pattern on her blog if you are interested.  I am making a 12" square as a gift and a long wall hanging with 3 leaves for myself.  I should have these done in a day or two.

I have also been making necklaces for Halloween.  Here are the supplies - a frame with 2 pieces of glass and a chain - both from Hobby Lobby.

Then I downloaded some Halloween art and resized it to fit my frame. I printed out several options and then cut out two that I liked.

The frame opens from the side so you can slip in two printed papers and the two pieces of glass and then close it up.  Easy Peasy!  I am making several for friends, too.

Stop by Judy's blog to see what other quilters have been up to.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Fun Quilt Show

Last Saturday I went to a quilt show in a small town west of here with my friend, Joyce.  It was about an hour's drive which gave us lots of time to catch up on any news since we last talked.  It was a very overcast day and the main street of town was blocked off for an art fest so the GPS was having a bit of trouble getting us to the Civic Center where the quilt show was held, so round and round the blocks we went til we finally located it.  We had driven past the sign and the building, DUH!

I took a few pictures to share of my favorite quilts.  There was also a bed turning with about 20 antique quilts.  That was my favorite part.

On to the show:

The quilt is a bed runner for a girl's bed.  The little girls are pre-printed on fabric to be paper dolls.  The maker used old hankies for the skirts and velcroed them on so that they could be switched from paper doll to paper doll.  The flowers are also velcroed on to be switchable.  I love this idea.

Here's a close up.

 Each of the white blocks has an embroidered dresden plate.  The center is an embroidered bowl of dresden flowers.

Dresden Sweetness.  Centers are yo-
yos with a button.

When we left the show it was raining so we dashed for the car and started towards home.  We stopped on the was back for lunch at a Harley Davidson store that looks kind of like the Clampetts meet the Wild West.  It was storming and pouring as we came in the parking lot, so no photos of the outside.  They had lots of fun decor in the restaurant (plus great BBQ), a gift shop, a large antique store,  a large showroom, a bar/ party room and animals - crocodiles, bison, other large critters.  We made it only to the restaurant and antique store as they were connected.  Guess we will save the rest for next time.  Here we are getting ready to take a ride!