Monday, August 31, 2015

Designing Monday

Not much to show for the week.  I made the monthly block for the Americana QAL hosted by Dreamworthy Quilts.  It is a cute little birdhouse.

I am also playing with sunflowers.  I am designing a little 12" block for fall.  I am using a carpenter's ruler for my frame to get an idea of how it will lay out.  I am not a paper and pencil kind of person as I can't draw anything.  So I have to work it out in fabric.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Designing Monday

Lots of sewing time this week.  Yay!  I finished off my little flag quilt from last week and it is hanging on the wall.

I joined in the fun with the Sentimental Quilter and made a spool quilt.  The blocks finish at 3", so this is just my style.  Quick and easy.  I must have been a little too quick since I got my blocks turned around somehow.

Here they are all straightened out and sewn together.  This week I'll figure out how to finish it.  Such a little cutie.

I had two reject blocks.  The one on the left just didn't get along well with the others, so I put it in the scrap pile.  The other one is just a hot mess.  Those checks just went all wocka wocka, so out it went.

We went to the rodeo this week at the county fair - an annual tradition for us.  This year, someone had a drone and was flying it over the crowd on the far side of the arena and over the chutes.  This is the second time this summer we have been in a public space and someone has flown one over the crowd. It is fun to see, but also kind of creepy knowing there are cameras watching overhead.  Have you had this experience?  What did you think?

Of course, my husband wants one.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

Designing Monday

My life slowed down a little bit this week so was able to get some sewing in.  I finished all the trees in my little forest.

Right now I am just enjoying looking at them on my design wall.  It always feels good to get a step completed on a long journey.  These will sit for a bit while I catch up on some other projects.  You know how that goes.

I have been wanting to make this little 12" quilt for quite some time.  It is one of the blocks from the 100 Blocks magazines from Quiltmaker Magazine.

I intended to have it done before the 4th of July...

or the middle of July...
or perhaps the end of July..

Now I am settling for the 4th of July next year.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Designing Monday

My design wall is filling up with little trees.  I am having fun making these even though I am still having to do some rework along the way.  They are such happy little trees.  I am up to 19 finished trees so far.  I only need 6 more.

I signed up for the Americana QAL from Deana at Dreamworthy Quilts.  It is posted on the Daughters of Dorinda website.  Here are the first two blocks I made.  I also made a couple of extra flags and hearts.  It is a row quilt.  I don't have a large patriotic quilt, so this will be fun to work on for next summer.

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