Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Three French Hens??

Or a partridge in a pear tree?

Would you believe six turkeys in a crab apple? Yep, they have taken up residence in our tree and our yard and just about everywhere else on our property. They are so funny to watch. They hop up and down trying to grab some of the crab apples off the tree. They really have to crane their necks to reach. They have cleaned out all the bottom branches and now have to sit on the fence or fly up into the tree to get more. We have a turkey parade everyday. Yesterday they stayed 5 or 6 hours. Today they came and went most of the day. The deer joined them for awhile, but one turkey got brave and chased them off. It's better than TV.

I got a picture of one turkey who was taking off in flight.

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  1. I remember you had photos of turkeys there before. I wonder what they will eat when the crab apples are all gone. I wonder if it is like here...we put bird seed out, and the squirrels and deer eat it. Looks like you've had a fair amount of snow, too. It is really cold here and probably is up there, too.