Monday, August 22, 2011

Quilting in Progress

I have decided to finish up some projects that I have in storage. Some are in boxes or on hangers in the closet. Some are in pieces on my cutting table. Some are tops that are hanging on my quilt rack and quilt ladder. I decided to start with the ones ready to quilt and finish some of those up before starting anything else.
So now I have quilting in progress. I feel like I am the world's worst quilter. I really like this part of the process the least as it seems that I am always pushing and pulling the quilt thru the machine and can't quilt a straight line to save me - even after I have drawn them on. So I put on my favorite music, open a can of Diet Coke and try to make the best of it. Maybe I will get better with practice. If not, I may need a new hobby! LOL.


  1. I have never tried quilting on my machine, though I am inspired by everyone who does and I am gearing up to give it a try. So far either I hand quilt it or hire it done!

  2. No, Kris, I am the worst machine quilter. That is why I only do straight lines. lol
    Takes a lot of practice.