Monday, December 19, 2011

Have you Seen this Stuff?

I visited a friend this week and she had some of this stuff called Deco Poly Mesh with Foil. It comes on a roll and it is very light and airy. It is kind of stiff and is great for decorating. My friend had used some with greenery to make a fabulous table runner for her dining table. She also used some with ornaments to decorate a table in her entry. I went to Stein's Garden Center and they had several different colors and widths. They had this mesh on a number of displays including as a ribbon on a ginormous wrapped package. They wrapped the mesh with lights to make swags. They used two different colors shaped to make a giant candy cane.

I bought lime green in a 10" width and used it on the mantle as a backdrop for all the stuff I have there.
Don't laugh at my meager decorating skills, but take in how fabulous this stuff looks and how it makes instant wow factor wherever you put it.


  1. How very neat! I've never seen this before.

  2. That is a nice touch. Now if only I had a mantle!

  3. Well Kris my daughter and I were at Michaels yesterday, and they had gold, silver and maybe some green. I picked it up and said, "this is neat, but what would I do with it?" Now that you've give me a lot of great ideas, I may have to get back there and get a couple of rolls. Their Christmas was all on clearance.....I'll add that to my list of things to do. I love your mantel. Merry Christmas.