Monday, October 29, 2012

Designing Monday

Yikes!  Another week flew by.  I finished this little pineapple quilt.  Love it, love it.

While on vacation, I found a Walmart that still carries fabric on the bolt.  They had this beautiful orange  print that was only $6/ yd. and has a fabulous hand, so I bought 2 yards.  Don't ask me what I plan to do with 2 yards as I have no idea, but I loved it right away.  So it is now on the back of the pineapple quilt with lots more to spare.

I also finished this little candle mat.  The packaging says it is wool, but it feels kind of like a synthetic.  I could be wrong.  I still think it turned out so cute.  Plus I rusched.  I really rusched.  I always wanted to rusche and this project called for a little trim, so I rusched away.

My design wall is still full of the big black and neon quilt that I need to finish.  I have a full plate for  the next several weeks, so it will just have to wait its turn.

Hop on over to Judy's blog  to see more lovely designs.


  1. Oh my! I just LOVE your little orange and black pineapple quilt!!! So cute!!! Reminds me of the little pineapples I'm making in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. And I just bought a beautiful cream fabric with the same design as your black border fabric. I wish I had seen the black, I'd have bought that too! I've never rousched, so my hat's off to you - great job :*)

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  3. Your Halloween projects have a spooky appeal.
    One of the Wal-Marts in this area has fabric. It seemed as though they had a lot of the kind that's in the Red Tag section at Joann's -- closeout stuff that is just as likely to have the good hand that you describe as it is to be poor quality.

  4. That little pineapple quilt just sings, Kris! Love it, love it!!
    And your little candle mat is very cute and festive. : )

  5. Your quilt turned out super! The Walmarts around here took the fabric out and after several months put it back!!!! The selection is quite large and does yield some surprisingly good pieces! Glad you 'scored'!!! These truly are very busy days!!!!

  6. I really like your pineapple quilt. The colors are so dramatic. It reminds me that I have one of those as a UFO. Ugh, someday it may get finished.

  7. Really like the pineapple quilt! Have been trying to find a nice small sized pineapple block, with no luck. Now that I have seen yours, I am even more determined! :)