Monday, December 10, 2012

Designing Monday

Here is what I am working on today.   The snowflake pattern is a download from Bee Tree Designs.  This measures 10" square right now and I need it to be 12", so I am trying to figure out how to make it grow!  LOL.  It is another gift.

This is the view from my back window today.  Such a gorgeous blue sky!

Plus the Packers won last night.  All is right in our world.  Hop over to Judy's  blog  to see more beautiful designs.


  1. Seening your beautiful snow almost makes me sorry it missed us! I was a good game, I worked on hexies but I'm looking for a good aplique project. Are you doing the snowflake by hand?

  2. Seeing the view from your window makes me miss my home state. I can't sew or stitch during a Packer game... I hoot and holler so much that even the cat leaves the room!

  3. I love the snow you have gotten. We're still holding out hope for some here.

    Love that snowflake pattern. Have you been to He's been cutting out snowflakes all week! They re amazing!!

    Merry christmas to you and yours