Monday, December 2, 2013

Auburn Had it All Sewn Up!

My husband really enjoys watching football -- college and pros.  So needless to say, our TV was on most of the weekend from the Packers at Thurs. noon thru Sunday night.

One momentous game was the Auburn- Alabama game.  Each team made a touchdown starting at the opposing teams end zone and running the entire length of the field. .  Auburn's was the winning touchdown of the game.  But, to me this was not the highlight.

The highlight was when Auburn's equipment manager pulled out a sewing machine on the sidelines and repaired a wardrobe malfunction for one of the players.  Once they got the jersey back on the player, there was still a rip, so out came the needle and thread and the job was finished by hand.  Hooray for sewists everywhere who save the day, be it football jerseys, Halloween costumes, last minute alterations in the school play, etc. etc.  What a great moment!

I doubt this will ever make the highlights reel in Auburn's training camp, but it was still a victory to me!

Kathy Matthews of Quilting!Sewing!Creating!  has great coverage of this story if you would like to learn more.  It is worth the read.