Sunday, July 20, 2014

Little Treasures

A cry for help went out from a good friend this week looking for someone to work at their rummage sale.  I gladly joined in the fun and of course, found several treasures I could not live without.  I love canning jars and they had a few left so I snapped them up.  I have quite a few blue Ball jars already, but I always get more when I can get them at a good price.  They just seem to call out my name.  I used to work at a plastics factory when I was in college during summer breaks.  The factory was bought by Ball so I feel like a kindred spirit to these little blue jars.

I don't have any of these clear ones with the diamond or rectangle pattern on the side.  I don't know if they are old, but they are cute.

Included was a small box of porcelain lined lids.  Some were the old galvanized Ball lids and some were brand new aluminum Presto lids.

Here is the box that the lids came in originally.  I am not familiar with Presto.  I have lots of Ball and Mason Jars in my stash of stuff, but not Presto.

Can you see on the box it says Approved by Household Searchlight and Delineator Institute?  I have never heard of either of these.  Guess I will have to dig a little more to find out about them.  Thank goodness for the Internet and Wikipedia.  LOL

The best surprise was this glass Presto lid.  I don't think I had ever seen one before.  It was put on the jar with a regular jar ring, but it doesn't fit exactly right.  I looked them up on line and Presto has a special top that is designed for the glass lids.  I'll have to watch for one of those now.

My other little treasure is this brown graniteware pitcher.  I don't think it is necessarily old, but it may be.  My friend and her husband were having the rummage sale for his father who has moved into an apartment.  They didn't know the history behind many of the things they were selling and sadly the dad's memory is not what it once was.

Hope you enjoyed a little show and not much tell!  

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  1. Love those jars. Back when I was very young and my mom was still caning with some of those rubberized rings, most could not be re-used. They had to be replaced as we replace the lids today.
    Such wonderful treasures!