Friday, September 8, 2017

Quilt Expo time again

I spent yesterday in Madison at Quilt Expo.  This is the show that is put on by Nancy Zieman and the Sewing  with Nancy show as a fundraiser for Wisconsin Public Television.  At the entry there was a table full of post-its available to write a note to Nancy.  What a nice idea!  She has been the driver behind this show since its inception and she is usually buzzing around and often stops to talk with people and sign autographs or take photos.  She was missed yesterday.

The quilts as usual were very beautiful and varied from some simple to the very complex.   The best of show was won by Claudia Clark Meyers and Marilyn Badger.  They are such a phenomenal duo.  Two quilters from the guild in Green Bay had quilts in the show.  One even won a red ribbon and cash prize.

I took a few photos to share.  I also found a few things that made their way home with me.  I had 3 friends with me and my ears were ringing when I got home from all the constant chatter.  What a fun day!

I saw at least 4 Dear Jane quilts.  This was the most unique having the blocks on point and all in B&W with red accents.

The name of this one is One Cake, Two Cake, Red Cake, Blue Cake.  The edges are colorful loops.

 Laurie Ceesay is a hairdresser and all of her quilts are about the hair.

This quilt is a game that quizzes you on the states.  It includes the capitals, flags, birds, mottos, flowers, and other factoids.  It is quilted as a maze with the start point at the tip of Washington.  The border has all the state flowers, flags and birds.  All the answers to the quiz are printed upside down below the map.  So fun and such a great teaching tool.  

 Wisconsin features Cheese, the Badgers, Frank Lloyd Wright, Harry Houdini and water slides.   Wisconsin Dells claims to be the water park capital of the world.
 Indiana shows the Indy 500, Larry Bird, and Dr. Seuss.  
I could have looked at this quilt all day.

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  1. Some really unique and clever quilts on display.
    The black and white DJ is stunning, and that map quilt has me fascinated. :)