Monday, June 28, 2010


I began working on a Dear Jane quilt 2 years ago. I bought the book at a quilt show held by our local quilt guild. The show only happens every 2 years and they just had another this past April, so I am pretty sure I bought it 2 years ago at the last show. I had seen the Dear Jane quilt and book advertised and was thrilled to find it on sale at the show. I didn't look thru it until I got it home and then discovered much to my dismay that there are no instructions, just patterns. Well, that didn't seem too bad until I really started looking at some of the blocks and I knew I would never be able to make them. They are just too complicated.

I did a search on the Internet and fortunately for me, Anina, had just started a blog that is now called That Quilt. I had already made quite a few of the easy blocks on my own and her blog has provided the directions and some great motivation, too. Thanks, Anina.

I have completed 154 of the center blocks and 24 triangles. I hate the triangles. I don't know why exactly, except they seem to come out kinda katerwampus. I am making my quilt in fabrics and colors similar to the original. On Anina's blog, she posts photos of Dear Jane quilts that others have made in beautiful colors and styles. Why didn't I think of that? I saw the original and went with that. I have no imagination sometimes. I doubt I will ever do another one, so I will just have to enjoy the work of others in the photos.

We spent Sunday evening on Skype with our sweet daughter whom we never see enough of and with my husband's folks who live way too far away from us. I am doubly blessed as they are truly the best in-laws in the world plus she is a quilter, too!. Last night we were both hand sewing while yakking.


  1. Oh goodness, I didn't know there were no instructions! I'm waiting for my book and really wanting to work on this quilt. I wonder if the software you can get gives instructions. Oh well, it may take me longer than I thought :P

    I LOVE your word : katerwampus!! We use it all the time except we spell it caddywampus. We're from Gladwin, Michigan...what can you expect? hehehe

  2. Oh by the way. You are doing great on your blocks! I need the motivation :)