Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Triple Wedding

One of the news highlights for our area this week is the coming of the triple wedding. The president of the local college has 3 daughters who are getting married this coming Saturday in one ceremony. A fourth daughter is serving as maid of honor to all 3 sisters. Each couple is having their own priest, wedding cake, attendants, processional and recessional. I don't quite know how the dad is going to walk all 3 down the aisle, but I'm sure they have it all figured out. Two of the 3 sisters lives away from here, so the one bride who is local is doing almost all the planning. The other two say she does a fantastic job of organizing and they trust her taste and judgment.

The local Fox news channel is interviewing a different vendor each day this week. Yesterday I saw the photographer who is bringing along 2 more photographers so they can capture it all. Fox is also interviewing the caterers, the hairdressers, etc. On Friday morning the brides and grooms are all to appear on Good Morning America. What a hoot. I don't know any of these people but I want to be there. It sounds like such a special event. Fortunately the local news will bring it all to my doorstep.

The dad has a wonderful blog that he has been keeping for the last year. Some really special and poignant moments.

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