Friday, March 18, 2011

I'm back again!

As soon as we got back from vacation, I spent one day grocery shopping and getting caught up and by the end of the day, I was in bed with a cold. After nearly two weeks, I have finally gotten to the point of getting dressed and feeling well enough to face the world again.
I missed the Jo Morton club last week, so now I am quickly assembling everything to be ready for the alternate club meeting which meets tomorrow. I know if I get behind even a little I will never get caught up and then just throw in the towel. My mission is use up as much stash as possible, so I have to keep at it. This was a fun little quilt to sew, although the star piecing method was new to me. The colors Jo chose were red and green for Christmas, but when I see stars, I always think red, white, and blue.

Off I go to the quilt store to get the backing and binding. My stash will not be tamed!


  1. That quilt is beautiful and when I think of stars, I see red, white, and blue also:)

    Glad you are feeling better. I have been down and out with a terrible cold too. Ya just don't want to do much at all.

    I'm behind on my Jo Morton stuff, but today I think I actually feel well enough to try and get caught up.

    Enjoy your sewing!

  2. Call for Quilts for Japan

    My friend, Valerie Hearder, received this note from Naomi Ichikawa, Editor of Patchwork Tshushin, this morning (3/17/11):

    Dear Quilters: It is still bad situation now in Japan. We are still nervous about shaking and radiation, but no way to escape. I start to announce to the quilters to send us comfort quilts for the people who are suffered. I would like to [ask] the world quilters. We will deliver the comfort quilts to the people who are very difficult situation. Could you please help to announce it to the quilters? We accept any size of quilts (baby to adult), new or unused.

    ★After the end of April,please send the quilts to:

    Naomi Ichikawa, Editor
    Patchwork Tsushin Co., Ltd.,
    2-21-2, Yushima, Bunkyo-ku
    Tokyo, JAPAN 113-0034

    I will appreciate if you help me. Nao

    Note from Patricia Cummings:

    When mailing any quilts, it is important to NOT write the word “Quilt” anywhere on the outside of the package, if you want a better chance of it reaching its destination.

    As you know, quilters always step up to the plate when there is a critical need for “comfort quilts” such as those being requested in the letter. I am re-posting this note, so that you will have addresses in Japan to send quilts. As she said, any size is acceptable and they can be for babies or adults. Please help, if you can. If you can’t make a quilt, please help spread the word by re-posting this note to your guild or group page or Facebook page.

    Patricia Cummings
    Quilter’s Muse Publications

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  3. Kris- I love your little quilt!
    I'm a big fan of Jo Morton fabrics and patterns.

    I hope you get to feeling better soon!

  4. Hi Kris Sorry you have been under the weather, and hope you are better soon. I've wondered where you were. Love your Jo Morton quilt!!!

  5. Love your quilt! I am a fan of Jo Mortons fabrics too! Carolyn :)