Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Pink & Brown Little Quilt

Thank you for all the nice comments about my red, white and blue star quilt. It was fun to make.

Here is the next quilt for the Jo Morton Little Womens' Club. All of the seams are ironed open, per the directions. Although it was time consuming, it made the quilt lay pretty flat. I have been wanting to make a pink and brown quilt so was glad to make this one. The overall size is 16 x 13. One of the smallest I have ever worked on.

I am leaving in a few minutes to have photos taken for our church directory. My hair decided to have a mind of its own -- It kind of reminded me of the wimple that the flying nun wore! Ha Ha. So an hour ago, I stuck my head under the faucet of the utility sink and started over. I am on the committee that is organizing the directory and had to call many, many people. I was amazed at how many people wanted me to use their photo from 10 years ago or could we wait until they lost some weight?! Too funny. Why do we fret over such a trivial thing as how our picture will turn out? Especially since 10 years from now we will wish that we looked as good as we do now. Amazingly, not one man that I talked to was the least concerned about the photos or his appearance.


  1. LOVE that little Pink & Brown quilt!
    It is absolutely Darling!

    You are so right about looking back in time and saying "why did I fuss?". lol

    I'm loving your Little Women's Club!
    Keep those pictures coming each month :D

  2. Too funny. Men never seem to fuss about how they look in photos. I have a lot of family photos of my husband and his brothers, and most times the more goofy they look the happier they are. It has always been like pulling teeth to get them all in a group photo. I love your Jo Morton quilt. I love the pink and brown fabrics!!!

  3. It's very beautiful. We will get this pattern at our next class:)

  4. love that quilt Kris. Those colors are very nice.
    Uh, we are going to Jess' "pre-reunion" party next week and Yes, I wish they could wait until I lose some weight...story of my life. Going to go and have fun.