Saturday, May 21, 2011


Yesterday we spent the day in Door County. Door County, Wisconsin is called the Cape Cod of the Midwest. About every 5- 10 miles there is another little town and each one if full of little shops, restaurants, motels and condos. It is definitely tourism at its finest. We usually go just before or just after the tourist season. Yesterday was a perfect day. Not too many people and the temperature was right around 70.

My husband has a birthday coming up so I told him I had a surprise for him. He went with a friend by boat to Fish Creek where the boat is kept for the summer. I picked him up at the dock and we spent the rest of the morning geocaching.

We stopped for lunch at Wilson's in Ephraim - one of the most picturesque towns. Wilson's has a soda fountain and booths and the little things on the table that you can put a quarter in and select music from the juke box. Do those have a name? I should have taken a picture.
After lunch was the big surprise. SEGWAYS in the park!!! It was such a blast and being in the park was really a bonus. We were in and out of the trees and the views of the bay are so fantastic. We have camped there and driven thru and hiked and biked this park in past years, but Segway is the way to go. There are miles of roadways and we could stop at every lookout and take a little break. They are incredibly easy to learn to operate. The only negative we found is that after awhile your legs and feet tire from being stiff. So the little breaks at the lookouts let us stretch our feet and get the circulation going.

After the park, we stopped at the restaurant owned by my high school classmate. Yesterday he had just taken delivery of an electric cart that he is going to use to pick up customers at the docks and bring them to his restaurant. What a great idea. My husband got to be his first delivery!


  1. That looks like such a fun time. I've heard of Door County but have never been.

  2. neat o - hope we can that next time we go? Looks like your weather is changing for the better. Glad you had a good time.