Thursday, June 2, 2011

Something New

I pulled out my Dresden ruler and got busy making a table runner. Except I had no idea how big the plate would be. I wanted to make a 12 inch block, so I guessed how long to make each blade and I guessed wrong. I looked on the Internet before I started hoping to find a chart that would help me figure this out, but no luck and there was not a chart with the ruler or packaging. So now I am trying to decide what to do with this. I'll just have to think some more. Anybody know where to find a chart like this?

Dresdens are so easy and fun to make and I love applique-ing them down. I made this pillow for my garden swing last summer or the one before. It makes it just a little more comfy when I am outdoors reading.


  1. I've pulled most everything out of my sewing room to organize and rearrange. When I find my Dresden ruler, I'll look. Mine is older, and I think there might be a chart included. I love your Dresdens.

  2. I love Dresden blocks!
    Yours are beautiful! I love your pillow idea for the garden swing.

  3. Sorry can't help with the chart but your dredans are lovely!