Monday, July 4, 2011

Fly your flag

I took these photos in Lubec, Maine. It is a very small town with a lot of heart.

They must have the highest ratio of flags per capita of any place in America. It is just the most perfect little town. It is located on the US/ Canada border on the way to Campobello.

We wandered around the town which was only a few blocks square and found the Masons were having a picnic and had live music on the bandstand. They were getting close to shutting down for the evening, so they fed us for free. They had wonderful barbequed chicken, baked beans made with maple syrup, potato salad, and rhubarb for dessert. What a treat!

We stayed in a small inn that had a restaurant on the first floor.

There were picture windows on two walls so we could watch the sunrise over Canada on one wall and the sunset over Maine on the other. The people were so friendly and nice. We sat down in the restaurant around 7 :30 pm and some rowdy guys came into the bar. They had already been kicked out of a bar down the street. I thought I would die laughing when the owner of the inn pulled out a yellow card and gave them a warning when they used some foul language. The owner was the nicest man. He gave everybody hugs and made sure the restaurant was closed down by 8 so the noise didn't disturb the people who were staying the night.

Today is always one of our favorite days and we try to make sure we are in town for the fireworks. They really do it up right. Hope your fourth is fun.

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  1. Looks like such an amazing little town!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful time!