Saturday, July 30, 2011

Time for Jo

The next quilt for the Jo Morton Little Women's Club is a Christmas quilt. We meet in September, so I figured I better get started now if I want to get it done. So that means lots and lots of HST's. I saw Jo Morton last Saturday on the Fons and Porter quilting show and she said that HST's are her thing and I believe it. She has a group of sewing friends that she calls together for a Sewing Saturday and they make all the pieces for her quilts. They make tons of HST's and then she sifts thru them to layout her demo quilts for the Club patterns or books or whatever. What a brilliant idea? I wonder who I can con/ bribe/ wheedle/ ask to sew for me???

This quilt has an interesting technique that is giving me a little trouble. You start by making 3 HST's and 3 triangles.

You sew these together to make a triangle. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Once you have made two of these you lay them face down on a slightly larger square of background fabric and sew on the diagonal like a HST.

Cut down the diagonal......

and press open just like a HST.

Trim to size. The only problem is mine came out skewed when I cut down the diagonal and there was not enough fabric to square it to size. It was supposed to trim to 4 1/4", but because it skewed, it barely measured 4". So I had to take it apart and start over. I had to resew the same seams about 4 times until I got it right. I ended up doing this over 2 days because I got so frustrated. I usually feel pretty confident when I sew, but this one small thing really got my goat.

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