Monday, July 23, 2012

Designing Monday

I am working on comfort quilts for the local quilt guild.  The recipients are children in the pediatrics ward at one of the hospitals here in town.  Our church stitching group was gifted quite a bit of fabric from someone's stash.  Most of it was bits and pieces so I had to sort thru piles and piles and then iron and iron until I had something useable.

 There were some larger pieces like quarter and half yards, but much of it had been cut into in shapes like bodices or facings or collars, so I had to really be creative to find the grain line and then to figure out what size square I could come up with.

I tried to stick with a color theme, but soon I realized that to get best use of the fabric I would need to focus on size.  So I created stacks of 8" down to 5" squares.

 I ended up strip piecing some of the larger blocks to have enough. 

 Right now I have enough to make 6 tops.  I have finished piecing the two made from 8 inch squares 
(Might as well start with the easy ones first, right?)  

One in pink and purple

One in RW&B

I used my Joann's coupons to buy backing and batting for these two and plan to finish those this week.

 I just love the cupcakes and stripes and pink cows and purple butterflies.

The lady who organizes this project for our guild made 80 of these quilts in one month using 6 inch blocks and she quilted and bound them as well.  She must be one with her Bernina! 

Hop on over to Judy's blog for more designing ideas. 


  1. Quilters give the gift that keeps on giving! Thank you (&your group) for taking this on. The groups I belong to have similar organizations with similar needs. People helping people.....that's what it's all about! Blessings and hugs, Doreen

  2. 80 in one month? Wow!! She must BE a machine to churn out so many. I'm in awe!

  3. I am working on some quilts our guild donates too.

  4. Very inventive! Just like the pioneers! These will be very appreciated quilts.

  5. Scraps can be hard to work with. You did a great job with both quilts!