Monday, August 27, 2012

Designing Monday

Have you seen the current issue of AP&Q?  One article features Halloween quilts and decorating.  No patterns, just beautiful pictures.  I was so entranced I had to get busy, so I started by pulling out all of my orange and black fabrics.

Then I cut some squares which turned into a bunch of these.

And before you know it, I had this cute little quilt top finished.

Can't wait to get it quilted and up on the wall in time for Trick or Treating.  I am thinking I will do a series of orange and black little quilts since I already have the fabric laid out.

Seems like forever since I last posted.  I have finished piecing 5 or 6 tops for donation to the pediatrics unit of a local hospital and quilted two tops.  I am going to hand off the rest to someone else who has volunteered to finish them.  Yea!

I have been spending most of my time enjoying our two kids who have been home for awhile.  Our son just went back to school over the weekend.  We took our daughter to the airport bright and early this morning to catch a 6:00 am flight.  She is headed to Saudi Arabia for a year to teach English to young women who are pre-Med students at a university.  This is only her second year teaching, so this will be a challenge for her, but she will do a great job.  I wish I had had her confidence when I was that age.

The good news is that she will have WiFi in her apartment, so hopefully we will have ongoing communication with her.  It was so frustrating last year while she was in the Marshall Islands with no phone and no computer access for most of the time.  I think I am going to be sad for a few days.  I already miss her so much.

Hope you have a great Monday.  Be sure to visit Judy's blog  to see more wonderful designs.


  1. The article featuring the Halloween decorating and the miniquilts in the current issue of AP&Q will inspire many of us to get a jump on the Fall and Halloween season! Eye candy for sure! Love the little mini you made! Best of luck to your daughter on her new venture. I'm glad to hear that she will be able to stay in touch with you a little easier on a this assignment.

  2. What a great jump on Halloween. We live in the country with no trick or treating so Halloween seems to just slide by. But we could use some Fall quilts....humm.

  3. I can identify with your approach to designing: pull out the fabrics and see what they turn into! You could use a rather wide border and then applique a pumpkin in the lower right corner, placing it partly on the broken dishes and partly on the border.

  4. That's just the cutest thing ever!

  5. I Love your little quilt!! Makes me want to go pull orange/black and make one too. :) I hope your daughter has a wonderful experience in SA.

  6. Such a cute little Halloween mini.
    Your daughter sure has an adventurous spirit! WiFi does make them seem not quite so far away. : )

  7. OOOO! I just love those fabrics and what a sweet little quilt you created.
    That is very neat about your daughter.

  8. I love having the kids home, but I know it is sad when they leave again. Glad she will be able to communicate more this time. What great opportunities she is getting. I do have that issue of AP&Q, and I love looking at those pages with all of the little quilts. Yours is really cute.