Monday, March 11, 2013

Designing Monday

I have been working on a soldier quilt for our guild this week.  I pieced all the stars for it a couple of weeks ago and then set it aside to work on some other things.  This week I cut most of the stripes and should be able to piece it this week if time allows.  My calendar is pretty full, but sometimes that's when I get the most done.

I finished a genealogy class this weekend that has been going on since early January.  Our county has a very dedicated librarian who has been working in local history and genealogy for 35 years.  She has an incredible memory for historical facts and trivia and has taught this class every year for probably 25 years.  I took it originally in the early 80's when it was about 4 or 5 weeks long and a full class was 20 people.  Now she speaks to an auditorium of 75 - 100 and the class takes 9 - 10 weeks.  Computers have made so much more information available as have the efforts of the LDS church.  While I was poking around on my computer this weekend I found a record for my great grandfather listing him on the rolls of the poor house in the early 30's.  This made me so sad to think they had so little when we have been blessed with so much.  I know that my mother purchased a headstone for the graves of my ggf and ggm in the 90's, because there was no money for markers when they passed away.  She told me  that she remembered as a girl that they were poor as churchmice but very proud.

We were able to talk to both our son and our daughter yesterday.  He is struggling through his mid term week and has lots of studying to do.  She has a new boss and things seem a little brighter in her corner of the world.  I think the conservative culture of Saudi Arabia has really worn on her, but she has been able to find some people and places where she can be more herself and that has been a blessing for her.

Daylight Savings hit us yesterday and today I was up bright and early.  Unfortunately the sun has not shown its face yet.  Hope you are having a sunny day in your part of the world.  Be sure to hop on over to Judy's blog to see more beautiful designs.


  1. I love the striped fabric placement you've used in the stars. Very clever!!

  2. Your colors are beautiful. That appears to be a similar idea to the QOV that was shown in the Fons and Porter magazine a few months back. A friend of mine made that pattern and it turned out gorgeous!!! Will be anxious to see your progress! Have a great Monday!!! Blessings, Doreen

  3. I look forward to seeing your progress on this quilt. I love patriotic quilts!
    Good for you on the genealogy class. My Mom spends half a day each week at our local LDS genealogy library and is always so excited when she comes home having found a new link to an ancestor.

  4. Your Soldier Quilt blocks are beautiful, and pieced so perfectly. I'm looking forward to following your progress on this beauty. Keep it coming!