Monday, November 11, 2013

Designing Monday

I have been making more hexagons.  I started this as a hand project to do at my monthly stitching group, but I could see there is way too much yakking and not enough sewing to make much progress.  So I decided that I would work on it during TV time.  I know lots of you have been through the hexagon craze already, but I seem to wander in and out of it.  I have other shapes in my collection and hope to get around to those one of these days.

I got this little leaf runner bound and hung for the month of November.

Enjoy a day of stitching and hop on over to Judy's blog  to see some beautiful designs.


  1. I'm a hexie lover. Right now I don't have a hexie project, but I have other hand work to do, so I'm not having real bad withdrawal. ;-) Your hexies look fantastic. Love the colors.

  2. OOO! that black fabric is going to be so perfect with those other colors.

  3. I love the black on your hexie flowers!
    Great Fall runner. Hmm, I need to keep that idea in mind. : )

  4. Love you hexie color choices! That hanging is so perfect for the season. I don't do well with sewing at gatherings either....I would rather jabber!!! LOL!

  5. I'm in the middle of a hexie project too! I love how you're making the lightest round all scrappy - looks great! I want to try some fussy cutting someday - I think they're so pretty.