Monday, November 25, 2013

Designing Monday

I received an email this week ( I think it was All People Quilt ) that had a free pattern attached.  I downloaded it and decided to make it.  The name of the pattern is Wish Upon a Star by Gyleen X. Fitzgerald.  The photo of the quilt was really sweet -- made in 30's feedback prints and very girly.  I printed out the pattern pieces - only 3, How hard can this be?  Made my templates, scrounged through my stash and got busy.  I made the center stars for 7 or 8 blocks on Saturday.

Then Sunday made a run to Joann's for some bleached muslin for the background.  I decided to make one test block before cutting out all the background pieces and it is a good thing I did.

This is a quilt of @#$!!# SET IN SEAMS @#$!!#!   Oh my.  That was some bad language I just used.       I hope I didn't offend anybody.  I managed to get the background sewn onto the first star with a lot of gentle pulling and pinning and stretching.  After ironing the finished block I laid it out on my cutting mat to measure.  9 1/2".  I could swear the pattern said 10".  Let me double check that.  Yep- 10".  Oh yes, and that is the finished block!  Say what?

So I went back and remade the template for the background and added an inch to the outside edges.  I made another test block and Voila!  They now measure 12" unfinished.  Plenty of extra to trim off and  oh! those set in seams are just a breeze now.  I am liking how these blocks look and the beauty is when they come together.  Stay tuned for next week and I should have the center finished.

Hope you have a yummy Thanksgiving and lots of leftovers.  I am definitely thankful I solved the mystery of this quilt before I made all 12 blocks incorrectly.  Hop on over to Judy's blog to see some more yummy sewing.


  1. Good for you, working it out. (I wish I could get to the "liking Y-seams" stage.) : )
    Good looking blocks!

  2. Nice!! It's so fabulous when the lightbulb goes off on those y seams.

  3. Those are beautiful.....I'm glad it all "came together" before adding to your orphan block stash! That's going to be a really sweet quilt!! Hugs........