Monday, February 3, 2014

Designing Monday

I  made 4 Thangles blocks this week.  I won enough fabric and patterns for 20 blocks at the end of 2012 in a Chinese auction at a guild meeting.  I made those 20 blocks right away.  Finally have decided to put them together and donate the quilt tops and backing to the guild for soldier quilts.  To get the right dimensions, I needed 4 more blocks.  There were plenty of leftovers from the original 20, so I used that fabric up and now I have enough.  I bought sashing and border fabric on sale at the end of December.  This upcoming weekend I am going to quilt camp so I can piece this all together while I am there.

January seems like a blur.  I spent 2 weeks in Boise helping a friend who recently had a knee replacement.  As soon as I got home I came home with a cold.  Darn that airplane air!  The lady across from me on my last flight home was a coughing mess, so no doubt I was trapped in a germ farm.  It has been so terribly cold here that I have tried to stay home for the last 2 weeks and get well.  Glad to report I am almost there.

I am linking to Judy's blog today.


  1. Nice looking blocks. Thangles give you very precise points!
    Darn that in-flight germ farm! There you were doing a good deed and what do you have to show for it--two weeks with a cold. Glad you are on the mend!

  2. Sorry about your recent battle with the 'germs'. Planes, though a wonderful time saver, are the pits for shared illness. Those blocks are great!!! glad you had enough fabric. It will be a very nice finish!!!! Hugs..............

  3. I love using Thangles! Your blocks are wonderful! Two weeks with a cold is a real drag, isn't it? Glad you feeling better!