Monday, April 7, 2014

Designing Monday

This week I have been working on Kathy Tracy's monthly quilt challenge.  This month she has selected a quilt from her book, Remembering Adelia.   This quilt has prairie points and I couldn't resist.
 I made a pile of these.
These were a lot of fun to make and went pretty quick.
Now I am deciding which of these fabrics to use as background.  The one on the left is perfect from a color and value standpoint, but I don't love working with directional fabric for setting squares.  I usually end up with stripes going every direction.  Kind of a crazy quilt look!  LOL

Hop on over to Judy's blog to see more lovely quilts.


  1. Pretty little patchwork blocks!
    I am the same way with the stripes in setting squares, but I see so many vintage quilts with that look. How come I want my quilts to look vintage--but not THAT vintage? : )

  2. Great start! I love your fabrics!

  3. Love these scrappy blocks! Any of the fabrics you are considering for the background would work... my personal choice is the second from the left... it's non directional.

  4. Love the blocks and I totally agree with your hesitation on the fabric on the left. I look forward to see how this comes along!!! Hugs..........................