Monday, April 14, 2014

Designing Monday

I got brave and took the flannel sheets off the bed yesterday and today we woke up to this.
This is not a B&W photo.  It really looked this gloomy and dark.
Hopefully it will warm up again soon.  

I had fun making this little quilt for the challenge on Kathleen Tracy's blog, Sentimental Quilter.  I had never worked with Prairie Points before and did okay except for one corner which gave me fits.  I took it apart several times and finally got it close to right.  The points are supposed to square off at the corners and one of them didn't.  So it was a learning experience!!  This week I should be able to get it quilted and done.

This is not the naughty corner.  
You didn't really think I would show you a closeup of that, did you?  LOL

Hop on over to Judy's blog for more beautiful designs.


  1. What a nice little quilt. It wasn't a naughty corner; it was asserting its independence.

  2. Your design is great. I have only worked with Prairie Points once and need to use them again. What a lovely quilt.

  3. Must be part of Murphy's Law that if you remove the flannel sheets you will get snow!
    That is such a beautiful little quilt, Kris. I've never done prairie points, but these look great to me!

  4. This is a darling little quilt, Kris! I love the tiny alphabet fabric... love all your fabrics! I did prairie points on a few cotton dish towels a few years back. They were fun!
    My flannel sheets are still on until this weekend... expecting temps in the 70's next week... several days in a row even!!!