Monday, February 9, 2015

Designing Monday

What a fun weekend!  It was Quilt Camp time.  Thirty women let loose on a small Door County town makes for some fast sewing and lots more talking.  We stay in a small motel that has a large conference room full of tables and plenty of room for all our stuff.  The large windows look out over the channel that is frozen over right now.  Beautiful sunsets and a quiet setting make it a perfect get away for our large group.

I drove up with my friend, Barb on Friday morning and we stayed til noon on Sunday.  That was the perfect amount of time to get some work done.  We took turns working on comfort quilts for the pediatrics ward and our own quilts.  Here are a few finishes that I captured.
Here's Cheryl modeling an apron made by someone else

These two ladies made lots of tote bags

Here's a closeup of those gorgeous fabrics.  You can see the pile of comfort quilts starting to grow on the table behind her.  

Tracy made this cute one for her granddaughter

Who's hiding back there?

This is my friend, Barb who made this cute comfort quilt.  Isn't it fun?

This is Lonnie with her lovely batik table runner.

This is Bonnie hiding behind her gorgeous patriotic quilt.  You can see how large our space is and this is less than half of the building.

Here's what I got done.

I paper pieced this tiny pineapple block.  It looks a little shabby here with the wrinkles paper and white spaces in the corners, but with the mat below you can see it is just perfect.

This was a kit from Doris Deutmeyer  who came to our guild last year as well as being a vendor at our show last spring.

I made these 4 blocks as cornerstones for the borders of the Threads of Memory quilt I am assembling.

Then I made lots

and lots

of stars for a new quilt I am starting.

I also assembled a quilt top for a comfort quilt.

Not much to show, but it felt good to get this much done.  Hope you had a good weekend as well.  Stop by Judy's blog to see more beautiful designs.


  1. Looks like a really nice place for a retreat!
    LOVE the tiny matted pineapple block. Gorgeous, rich colors, and the mat is a wonderful touch!

  2. That really is a good sewing space, it's so much fun to sew with friends, isn't it?

    I thought about doing the Threads of Memory but it looked a little hard at times. I'm impressed when people do the hard blocks.

    The pineapple looks amazing, paper piecing is not easy.


  3. This really was a fun weekend, wasn't it? It is good to be pampered and not have to cook and clean. Love the little pineapple!

  4. What fun! I haven't been on a quilt retreat, but hope to some day! Your pineapple block is wonderful!