Monday, September 14, 2015

Designing Monday

I sewed a little more on these sunflowers.  Made a third Dresden and added the centers.  Now I am auditioning some greens for leaves and stems.  I was on my way somewhere and had to stop and check out the leaves and stems of real sunflowers and looked them up on the Internet to see if I can duplicate them or make a reasonable facsimile thereof.   We'll see.

The Quilt Expo was the highlight of my week.  If you didn't see my last post, be sure to check out all the photos.

Found out this week that I will be in Florida when AQS introduces a new Quiltweek show in Daytona.  Guess where I will be that week.

Have a wonderful week and hop on over to Judy's blog to see some beautiful designs.


  1. I really like your sunflowers--so fun!

  2. Love your sunflowers! they have to be the happiest flowers

  3. I am loving your sunflowers! Your quilt expo photos show some gorgeous quilts. When I grow up....

  4. The Dresden plates make very nice sunflowers.