Monday, September 28, 2015

Designing Monday

I got all the blocks sewn into rows in my Crabapples quilt.  This is a Bonnie Hunter design and I am really excited to be getting it put together.  Each step makes me a little happier.  When I finished each row I put it back on the wall.  Somehow they got all crooked and running uphill.  At first I didn't even notice it, but then I walked by close up and got a little vertigo and my tummy started doing back flips.  How weird!  I hope I can get it sewn together soon so I can get back on an even keel!

I have been sidetracked the last week doing sewing for church for fall.  I am working with a group that made two very very large banners ( about 4 ft. x 8 ft.)  Then I sewed 5 flag size banners out of fall materials.  They are just a front and back panel, so not really any piecing.  Each has fall leaves on one side and a different solid on the back.

Hop on over to Judy's to see more beautiful designs.


  1. Love your crab apples quilt. It's on my bucket list lol.

  2. Crab apples looks great! I'll be watching to see how you quilt it. Maybe it will motivate me to quilt mine. : )

  3. Your crab apple quilt is looking great! Soon you will have it finished. The fall leaf banner is beautiful. Do you hang them in your sanctuary?