Saturday, April 9, 2016

It's Snowing

Well, it's April in Wisconsin, so it must be snowing, right?  I have just come back from 3 months in Florida -- fun in the sun -- and now it's snowing.  What a rude awakening!

So what does a quilter do for 3 months with no sewing machine?  Visit all the quilt shops and quilt shows, of course!  There were 3 quilt stores within easy striking distance of where we stayed, so I took in 1 a week for the first few weeks and then went back and visited again when I had the time.  They didn't really carry any Civil War repro fabrics which are my favorites, so I just enjoyed seeing all they carried and found a great quilt to make.  I had to order the pattern, so hopefully in the next few weeks I will have something to show you.

The very first AQS Quilt Week was held at Daytona Beach and I signed up the first day they took reservations back in October or November.  I took 3 classes and went 3 days to see all the quilts and visit the vendors.  My husband dropped me off everyday and took off for the Space Coast to see a launch - lucky him.  My favorite class was called Little Bird and taught by Linda M. Poole.  She did such a nice job and everyone had a ball.  Here is my piece in progress.

I also took a free motion class from Cindy Needham.  She did a great job of teaching, but free motion just isn't in my skill set yet.  I guess I just need to Practice, Practice, Practice!!  Not my favorite thing to do.  Cindy specializes in finding antique linens and then quilting them onto a fabric backing.  She does a fabulous job.

Here are some of the wonderful quilts that I saw.  I love to be able to take closeups and see all the detailed quilting and embellishment.  Enjoy!!

Look at all those sweet little hearts!

 Doesn't this look like a photo?

Bonnie Ward, the maker of this cute quilt with the Stash Queen dragon, was in one of my classes.  She had on a participant ribbon and she explained she had a quilt in the show.  I asked her to take me down and show it to me after class and we had a fun time as she told me all about it and then others gathered round to hear her describe it.  Although she didn't win a ribbon, she was excited to have it in the show and to be able to share it with others.  What a sweet lady!

Lots of cute embellishments!

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  1. That is some pretty stiff competition if that Stash Queen quilt went ribbonless! Some incredible quilts here. I'll bet it will be good to be reunited with your sewing machine. : )