Monday, August 8, 2016

Designing Monday

Such a busy summer!   I haven't blogged for a month and don't have much sewing to show.  I made this little chicken potholder that showed up on my Pinterest page.  Super easy pattern and I love how the comb is loose.  I will probably have to make some more of these for gifts.  Just too cute.

Here's the link for the block pattern if you are interested.

I got all my rows sewn together for my Florida quilt.  Hopefully borders will follow along soon.

We had company over the weekend which always necessitates me cleaning up my sewing area.  I am always amazed at what I unearth when this happens.  I somehow lose track of what I am working on since I am usually starting something new while working on other projects.  I'm sure that doesn't happen to anybody else.  

The Tall Ships came to Green Bay for their Triannial visit.  I got my husband tickets for a sail on the  Appledore for his birthday.  It was a perfect day.  Sunny, but not hot.  Breezy for sailing, but not blowy.  We don't have a boat and don't have friends with a boat, so it a fun opportunity for us to get out on the Green Bay.  

 My husband in the striped shirt got to hoist the mainsail.

There were 7 beautiful tall ships from all over the Great Lakes plus 1 from Spain and 1 from Norway.
 And a giant rubber duck.
This tiny island is made from dredgings from the river and is covered with pelicans and cormorants.

Today I am linking up to Judy's blog.

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  1. A chicken to start with and a rubber duck to finish. The duck is a hoot.
    I'll bet the sailing was delightful!