Sunday, February 13, 2011

I ♥ Hearts

I love hearts. They are such an easy design to work with. Here is the quilt I have hanging for Feb. It is one of my first attempts at applique by hand. I can still see the pencil marks where I marked the heart designs onto muslin. I also drew the size of the square onto the muslin so I would know where to sew the squares together. That was before I understood the concept of a 1/4" seam or how to create a guide on my machine or before I had a 1/4" foot. In other words, I was really a rookie quilter.


  1. I missed seeing this heart quilt. How cute. I love your post because just the other day I found some older blocks where I had marked the sewing line in pencil. Like you, that was before I knew about 1/4" seams. I also found about 3 applique' blocks where I marked the outline of the design in permanent marker. Wonder what the chances are that I can cover it all up. Did you hand quilt it?

  2. Me too !!i love heart !!
    La cocotte de kiev au Caire