Friday, September 16, 2011

I think This is It!

I have finally run out of photos from the quilt show. So this is it until next year.

OOPS! Sideways --- but you get the idea. This was made from clothing labels. See the detailed shot below. Very clever.

Last night was Jo Morton Little Women's Club and I was the only one who made the quilt besides the group leader. I decided to let it go and just enjoy talking with everyone instead of being frustrated.

Fall is setting in here. Had to cover the plants last night.


  1. Can't believe that clothing label quilt! Very clever--but I'll never make one.
    Hard to be part of a group when it seems no one else is serious about it. Sounds like you took the high road!

  2. Great quilt show photos Kris. I've enjoyed seeing all of them. I really love looking, but there are some that I know I would never make either. I really like that red compass quilt!