Saturday, September 10, 2011

Quilt Expo

Yesterday was Quilt Expo - the annual show put on by Nancy Zieman in Madison, WI. It was so fun travelling with my friend, Joyce and spending the day together. We have been friends for 30+ years and because we are both busy, we don't get the chance to really catch up. First I started us off on the wrong highway because I just wasn't thinking, so we had some map time and GPS consulting and re-routed ourselves before I took us to Chicago. It seems we got busy talking right away instead of paying attention to the GPS.

The quilts were inspiring as usual. There are quite a few of the WOWSER quilts and plenty of the "I think I can make that" quilts plus even some for beginners. There were lots of drop in lectures and some classes and of course, an abundance of shopping opportunities.

I have lots of photo, so will try to share them all.


  1. Hello there,
    I saw your Wisconsin title on the post & came over to visit! :)
    I so wanted to go to the Quilt Expo...
    I took ill over a trip at Labor Day & was recovering :(
    So glad many enjoyed & looks like it was wonderful!
    I will look forward to visiting again :)
    From another part of the woods :)

  2. GREAT pictures Kris!
    What an amazing show that must have been.
    Thanks for sharing!