Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Fun Weekend

Our weekend started with a drive from Wisconsin to Illinois to visit our son on Friday. On Saturday morning we stopped by his fraternity to pick him up and found a rusty red truck in the driveway with this on the roof!

A dead squirrel. Ewwww!

We also picked up his girlfriend and we were on the road to Indiana for the Purdue- Illinois football game. It was Homecoming so there was a lot going on. The Purdue band was huge by itself, but there was also an alumni band sitting at the opposite end of the field. They combined forces for the half time show.

The game was televised on ESPN so there were about a million timeouts between the team timeouts and the commercials. The cheerleaders and bands tried to keep the crowd entertained and there were trivia questions and other tidbits on the big screen. During one of these timeouts I was watching the big screen and saw a shot of the crowd. I thought - that guy looks like my husband and he's sitting next to a lady in a green coat. HEY THAT'S ME!! I screamed to my group, but by the time they looked up, there was something else on the screen. How funny!

After the game I gave my son's girlfriend a tour of the campus and we stopped by the dorm I used to live in. It was one of the oldest and prettiest dorms on campus. It was recently remodeled and a couple of girls from our church in Wisconsin are living there now so I got to visit with one of them and she gave us a tour. It was so fun to see. We had a beautiful living room with little sitting rooms off to the side. Everything was exactly the same - even the furniture after 35+ years. I got all misty eyed telling these young people about my memories of sitting around in the dark passing the candle and singing sweet songs for pinning circles. SAY WHAT? They thought this was hilarious. They had never heard of a pinning circle or any of the other old fashioned traditions I talked about. Our tour guide told us she had to accompany my husband and son thru the dorm, which is the way it was in the old days, too. So unlike my son's dorm at Illinois where everybody runs around like free range chickens.
We spent our day at Purdue with some of my old friends including dinner and a birthday party for one of them. My son and his girlfriend were good sports about spending their day with old fogies and hearing us talk about the good old days.

They weather was beautiful and we got a sunburn in the stands. Sunday we drove home under gray skies and rain.

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