Monday, October 10, 2011

We Interrupt This Previously Scheduled Quilt ...

I started sewing away on the blue & gold hexagon quilt from my previous post and then started thinking about the next Jo Morton quilt and realized that I better get hopping on it right away as I have a busy schedule for the next week. So, I did an about face and pulled out the pieces I had already cut and went to town.
Jo Morton sure does love her HST's. I had a handful left over from previous quilts and thankfully she has designed the series of quilts for this club using the same size HST's over and over. So I plopped some of the leftovers into this quilt and saved a little time.

I thought the HST's were a little drab until I added the large cheddar triangles and Shazam!-- they really brightened up quick. I love them. This makes such neat pinwheels. Can you see the pinwheels? I sure hope so or I really messed this up big time. LOL.


  1. I can definitely see the pinwheels! How big will this quilt be? I love those fabrics. Funny how some quilts just insist on being next, no matter where they were in line. : )

  2. Your Jo quilt is gorgeous. You sure do have a knack for adding just the right colors.
    And yes, Jo sure does love her HSTs. *sigh*

  3. Yes, I see the pinwheels. This will be a fabulous quilt. I expect Jo started with leftover HSTs, too.