Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Designs

Lots of stuff filling up my design table, my design sofa, and my design sewing machine area. I seem to be going for the gusto this month trying to complete 3 projects at once.

First, I have the 4th basket from the Temecula Quilt Co. Blessings Basket series. They are so quick and fun to make.

Second, I am completing the basket quilt from Kathleen Tracy's monthly challenge. Found a great fabric yesterday at the local quilt show to make sashings, so I should have that top completed this week.

Third, I have been making a quilt top from AP&Q magazine that is a Jillily Studio design from a couple of years ago. It started as a bunch of piles like this....

and now is nearly a top.

Now for my big news.... While on vacation last week at Universal Studios, my son and I competed in the Fear Factor challenge. We competed in the food challenge and we won this amazing yellow plastic cup as our trophy!
And yes, we did eat bugs. They whirled up a bunch of weird ingredients in a blender and added the bugs at the end. My 20 yr old son chugged his down in a matter of seconds. ( Wonder where he learned that skill!) Mine not so fast. We competed against 2 other people and they took one whiff and passed on the whole thing. The only negative was that our breath smelled like really strong tuna fish for about 24 hours. I had a salad for dinner and bit into some red onion and that kind of counteracted it. Now I had fish and onion breath. No amount of mint gum was going to cover that up!!!!

On that disgusting note, go check out Judy's blog to see some beautiful designs.


  1. Lovin' all your basket. I got the four blocks from Temecula made.
    I used to watch Fear Factor all the time. I can't believe you did a challenge. Good for you.

  2. Gooooo that sounds awful...great memory though to have with your son....I bet you wouldn't have done it without him huh?

    Love all your sweet baskets :0)

    Happy Sewing

  3. Love both of your little basket projects (I'm a little basket crazy myself, lately).
    I'm curious to see how the Jillily design comes together.
    Congrats (?) on the Fear Factor Challenge. Was "The Cheese Curds" the name of your team?

  4. We both have baskets on the brain, Blessings Baskets are up on my DW and my March UFO has 3 baskets same as your challenge. Great projects! Good you survived the FF challenge

  5. Life is so much more fun when you take some silly chances. We were recently in Mexico at our favorite outdoor restaurant and noticed that the waiters were eating something from a plastic bag. Our waiter came over and offered us some of the special treat they were having. It was fried crickets! We did try them-ugh awful but the waiters laughed and were happy to have shared with us.

  6. Love your baskets.You have a couple of nice projects on the run.

  7. Both your basket projects are adorable. I've printed off those Temecula blocks but haven't sewn any yet. Yours are great. Congratulations on winning the challenge! I don't think i could have done it - even for a yellow plastic mug :-)

  8. The basket blocks caught my eye. Looks good.

  9. I feel ill just thinking about your challenge...way to go!