Monday, March 12, 2012

A New Monday Design

After finishing my last quilt top this week, I cleaned off my cutting and ironing table and dusted it, too. I haven't seen the top for quite a few months and now it shines.

I have started a new table topper that has all these parts. It's a design from Jillily Studios that was featured in AP&Q a couple of years ago. And it has appliqué! Can't wait.

It's always fun to start something new, esp. when you have been thinking about it and planning it in your mind for several months.

Time to check back with Judy's blog to see what everybody else is working on.


  1. A clean slate to start a new quilt on. And some fun pink pieces.

  2. Wow--so clean! I want to come sew at your house!! : )

  3. Oh a clean sewing table, isn't that wonderful!!! I just get so itching when things start stacking up on the table, love love love the clear open space.

  4. Oh, I didn't know there should be surfaces under all my stuff. Maybe I need to take a week and find them, too.