Monday, September 3, 2012

Designing Monday

I finished the first little Halloween quilt that I showed last week and moved on to #2....

I am trying to decide whether to use
           solid black. . . . .  .

or a patterned black for the setting squares and

I already have 2 or 3 more quilts in my brain that I would like to make in this same orange and black color scheme.   I don't know why I didn't think of this years ago.  I really like how these look.

Our daughter made it safely to Saudi Arabia.  She left here at 6:00 am on Monday and arrived at her apartment about 7:00 pm on Tuesday (which was Wednesday there).  She had been traveling or sitting in airports that entire time.  Before the week was over she had already taught two days.

She now wears an abaya - a long black overcoat anytime she is on the street or in the presence of men.  In her classroom (which is all women) she can remove the coat and her scarf.  The temp there is 100+, so I am sure it must be stifling hot with the coat.  She also wears ankle length skirts and must wear sleeves that at least cover the elbows.  Fortunately she is very flexible and none of this seems to faze her.

On her first night there, she went out to dinner with several other women from the US or Great Britain. In the restaurant they were placed in a curtained room.  Each time the waiter arrived to serve them, he had to announce himself outside the curtain and the women made sure they had their scarves on, etc.  As soon as he left the room and drew the curtain, off it all came.  I am sure this must have been very comical as he came and went quite often.

Enjoy some quilting today.  The Y is closed today, so I can have a whole day of fun.

Be sure to check out lots of beautiful designs at Judy's blog.


  1. What great Halloween projects! I'm glad your daughter made it to Saudi Arabia safely and how interesting to read what it is like for her there!

  2. This must be the year for orange and black Halloween mini quilts!I have several quilter friends who are making them, and I have a mini pumpkin quilt cut out and ready to sew while on retreat next week. Love yours... the one you are debating about... I like it with the solid black, but more so with the patterned fabric! Good to hear your daughter is doing well in her new home away from home.

  3. Love the autumn quilts! And I know you didn't ask for input, but just in case you were interested, I too prefer the patterned fabric for the background of #2 quilt. ;)

  4. I love holiday quilts that are in the holiday colors, but not holiday fabric. Does that make sense? I love what you have made. I like the second quilt either way. When I saw the photo with the solid, I thought, "Yes!" Then I saw the print and thought the same thing. : )
    Your daughter is an adventurous young woman. What an experience!

  5. wow love the black and orange. You've got me in the mood to go take a look at what I have in my stash. I do love the black solid the blocks really stand out with the solid. That was a very long trip your daughter made. I can't even imagine. So interesting to hear about her adventure I hope we get to hear more.