Monday, February 4, 2013

Designing Monday

Dear Mom and Dad,

Had a great time at camp.  Send money please.

I think this sums up my fun weekend at quilt camp.  I worked on a soldier quilt for our guild.  And went to a local quilt shop where I did a little damage to my credit card!!!!  The facility we stayed at was really nice and they fed us too well.  We were the only guests at this hotel and the owner designed a drink for us called a Stitch Ripper.

Here is the quilt top I finished.  I modified a pattern from the Fons and Porter magazine to fit the dimension requirements of our guild.

Hop on over to Judy's blog to see more beautiful designs.


  1. That's a great name for the drink! And very nice of the hotel to make you feel so at home.

    Love your quilt you're working on! Love patriotic quilts!!

  2. I love the fabrics you chose. What a great quilt. :)

  3. Ohhh a stitch ripper. What a great name. I love the quilt you are working on!

  4. I think I have that magazine. I like what you have done with the pattern.
    How fun to have the hotel to yourselves. No worries about wild quilting parties disturbing other guests! : )

  5. Cute drink name for a quilting retreat! Really like the patriot quilt in the photos... great fabrics!

  6. Have several friends that made that quilt (as originally published). Yours is beautiful!!! Sounds like a great retreat!!! Hugs......

  7. Beautiful quilt - Love the drink name!!