Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Small Quilt

I enjoy the quilt challenges that Kathleen Tracy provides each month on her blog,The Sentimental Quilter.  I pick and choose which ones I want to do and enjoy having lots of little quilts in my home.  I  finished piecing the February quilt just in time for the end of the month. I used the leftovers from the Buck A Blocks I just did to make the HST"s.   It will get in the queue for quilting with my other little treasures.  I made this one in the same colors that Kathleen made hers.  I really like the blue and green combo.  I probably would not have gone for this choice otherwise and I really like it.  What do ya think?

We had 4-5" of snow Tuesday night and Wed. am.  An hour from here they had 17".  That is huge.  How can we be so close and have such a difference?  This always boggles my mind.

We are staying in and keeping warm today after a trip to the Y.  Gotta get busy quilting.


  1. It looks so good! I've yet to do mine. I'm two in a row for not getting them finished. It's so hard with the new pup. But I really do like this one and even if its late, I'm gonna do it.

    Very nice!

  2. Love it... especially the dark blue fabric you used for the background. It's a directional fabric and you have all the lines going the same way... I'm fussing like that too! I also like the green and blue hues that Kathleen used for hers, and wanted to match it as close as possible. Love doing mini's!!! We were suppose to get a dusting of snow and ended up with 9 inches because the storm changed directions!

  3. It's a beautiful little quilt. :)