Thursday, August 22, 2013

Disappearing 4 Patch

I pieced this quilt last April or May from a layer cake that I received from Pat Sloan in a giveaway on her blog.  I had to add some light fabrics, but all of the dark is from the layer cake. I love the bright colors. This line is called Eat Your Fruits N Veggies.  I made the top larger and then realized that it was too big for the specifications I was given.  This quilt will go to a local pediatrics unit.  So I had to remove half of a vertical and half of a horizontal row.  I just used one of those on the back and now have some leftovers for another quilt in the future.

The turkeys seem to be back in our yard.  I saw these babies with their mom a couple of days ago and then one brave one made it up on our deck!  


  1. Its not everyday a turkey sits on the porch railing, well not around here. The picture made me laugh! Your D9P is super cute, love the colors! I've a layer cake that just might work up nicely with this pattern.

  2. What a happy quilt to brighten some child's life in the hospital!
    The wild turkeys in our neck of the woods have seemed to gravitate to my friend's house down the road a piece. If it weren't for the little packages they leave ALL OVER her lawn and driveway, I don't think she would mind. : )

  3. Super cute quilt... perfect for a pediatric patient!

  4. That is so neat to see turkeys up close like that. I see them on my road but haven't seen them in my yard.
    Love that very cheery quilt.

  5. What a wonderful quilt, the colors are great and I LOVE the extra blocks on the back. That is certain to brighten someones day. The turkeys are so cool. I tried to attract them here once, but with the dogs there's really no point. I love the picture of the turkey on your porch. How lucky that you had your camera!