Saturday, August 10, 2013


This weekend is the Warehouse Sale for Primitive Gatherings in Menasha, WI which fortunately for me is not too many miles down the road.  I zoomed over there yesterday to get in line for the 8 am opening.    They were all ready to go with rotary cutters in hand.  They had kits, patterns, decor items and lots of fabric on the bolt and in pre-cuts.  I managed to spend an hour and several $$ finding these lovely treasures.

There were quite a few bolts of fabric to choose from-- most of it was reproduction fabric plus a few bolts of flannel.  None of it was Lisa's Primitive Gatherings fabric, at least not on the bolt.  There were some pre-cuts.

As I was leaving the house I reminded my husband that I was on my way to the Warehouse Sale.  He asked me to check on the price of the warehouse as he was pretty sure I am going to need one soon to store all my stuff... Ha Ha.


  1. Too cute. I might need a warehouse as well. Great fabrics, and I know you had fun as well.

  2. You could warehouse shop for me any day... love all those fabrics, especially picture # one! Do you have any specific plans for them?