Thursday, August 29, 2013


We spent last weekend at the wedding of a friend's son in Illinois and then on to my hometown in Southern Indiana to visit friends.  We took a day and drove to French Lick to see the resorts.  I could not remember if I had ever been there and did not recognize either one.

We stopped first at West Baden which was a huge round hotel.  Here are photos:



 Under the Dome

 Fountain in the Formal Garden

 Bath House

Neptune Springs

I took a bunch more but I don't want to bore you.  Then we went to the French Lick resort which is a block down the street.  More opulence!

 Rear Entrance
 Ceiling of the Lobby
 Two Story Gallery in the Lobby
 Bath House Springs
Lobby Floor

If you happen to stay here, let me know.  I would like to know how the rich and famous live!!


  1. So, are you going to make a quilt from the pattern above? : )

  2. Beautifully elegant places, Kris... leave it to a quilter to find the hexie tiled floor design!