Monday, October 21, 2013

Designing Monday

My post looks nearly the same as last week.  I finished one of the two leaf projects I started last weekend and mailed it off to a friend for her birthday.  Then I realized I forgot to take a photo of it to post here.  I guess you will just have to imagine how cute it was!

Here is the second project.  I got it quilted and prepared the binding and then decided it needed some more quilting.  Finally I am ready to put on the binding which should happen today.  I seem to need to do a lot of percolating in my brain in between steps.  I sort of dither over the right fabric for the border or the binding or the right quilt pattern, etc.  Am I the only one?

Our fall leaves are falling from the trees pretty quickly here.  There are still a few on the ash trees behind our house.  The maples in front are always the last to go and they haven't even changed color yet.

I don't think I ever posted this finished little quilt. It is my last orange and black quilt.   I decided to free hand quilt some little pumpkins along the border.  They turned out fine and really finished it off well.  I got this cute hanger at the Quilt Expo in Madison.  This is a 12" quilt.

Hope your fall is beautiful wherever you are.  Hop over to Judy's blog to see some beautiful designs.


  1. I love fall too! Our leaves are beginning to turn colors, kind of late this year. We have our first frost warning for tonight. I love the pumpkin quilting in the border, and the quilts too! xo

  2. Both of your projects are perfect little seasonal quilts.
    I love seeing the pumpkins close up. Great job! Did you stop and start each one? That is how they appear. The grid to keep them evenly spaced is a good idea.

  3. The leaves on the trees in my neck of the woods never reached the brilliance of color as in years past... many say it's because our summer was extremely dry. Never the less, I still love fall the most!!!
    Your mini's are so cute... love the little pumpkins you quilted!